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A Feature Film

Suicide hotline workers face one of

the most brutal work environments, both mentally and emotionally. As they grapple with the realities they are forced to experience, two hotline workers struggle

to uncover the truth behind the other's career choice in an inherent need to fix broken people. But perhaps they need not look further than their own wounds.


Releasing Fall 2021.

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Official Music Video

Watch the official music video for

Jack Switch's debut single, Ghostnow available below. Directed by Moonwake's Rachael Quinn and shot by The Fallen's Steven Shulgach, Ghost stars Jack Switch, Gabriela Kostadinova, Ruben Delgado, and Abigail Reed.


An Experimental Film

Shot entirely underwater, this experimental narrative explores the aftermath of sexual assault, both physically and mentally, through the lens of a shark attack.

Coming to festivals 2021.